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Child Safety Basics

Child Safety Basics
Learn Child Safety Basics
Event Type: Outside Group Events
When: 4/11/2013
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Where: Smoky Hill Public Library
5430 S. Biscay Circle
Centennial, CO 80015

This interactive class taught by a Colorado Law Enforcement Officer is designed for elementary school aged children who desire to learn 911 Education, what to do if lost in public or the wilderness, how to avoid dangerous situations and what to do and how to react once  placed in a dangerous and/or uncomfortable situation and more. Commonly referred to as a “Stranger Danger” Class; however more emphasis will be placed on “Dangerous Situations” children may get themselves into; even with a person they know and trust.

The class will also focus on teaching parents and children “how to be a good witness” and what police need in order to assist with a police investigation. This is not a self-defense class and a parent or guardian is required to stay the duration of the class.

Register by emailing: Include Class Date, Names, Number and Ages of Attendees, Email Address and Contact Phone Number When Registering.

Process Visa, Mastercard or Discover by calling: 720.808.1065

Cost is $15 per child* and $5 per adult. ** SPECIAL GIRL SCOUT RATE OF $10 **

Send Checks Payable to: Dawn Cashman, PO Box 460068, Aurora, CO 80015

Cash at the door- if seating is still available.

Refunds will NOT be within  ten days of class date.

If you can’t attend a prescheduled class please email to schedule a training class for your organization or group or call 720.808.1065 and speak to Ofc. Dawn Cashman.

*Scholarships Available - please call to discuss

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