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Power Up Your Sleepover - /C/S/A - MD - 05/11/2013

Power Up Your Sleepover - /C/S/A - MD - 05/11/2013
Every girl has been to a sleepover and every girl can say that bullying usually happens at these events and they turn out to not be so fun. Well sleepovers will never be the same after you come to Power Up Your Sleepover.
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 5/11/2013
Denver, CO
Registration: 2/06/2013 to 4/28/2013
Cost: $25.00 (girl) / $10.00 (adult)

Girls will learn how  to recognize the strength within and how to become advocates againist bullying.  As well as how to intervene when they see something wrong. 

Girls will learn fun sleepover games and how to have a sleepover drama and gossip free. Breakfast and snacks are provided as well as the Brand New Power Up Patch.

Upon checkout please make not of any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

This event will take place in Metro Denver.

For more information on program specific details please contact

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