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Statewide Bridging - /D/B/J/C/S/A - SE - 05/11/2013

Statewide Bridging - /D/B/J/C/S/A - SE - 05/11/2013
Girl Scouts from across Colorado are invited to a special bridging ceremony at the highest suspension bridge in the world, Royal Gorge.
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 5/11/2013
Time: 10AM - 1PM
Where: Royal Gorge Bridge and Park
Registration: 2/06/2013 to 4/28/2013
Cost: $5.00 (girl) / $3.00 (adult)

We open with a flag ceremony at 11:00 am and the Crossing of the Bridge will begin at 11:15 am. Girls who are bridging will cross the bridge and be welcomed on the other side by family and sister Girl Scouts.

The Juniper Junction Pavilion will be available to all Girl Scouts for the day. This is also an opportunity to recognize individual achievements and special awards.

The event fee for the bridging is $5.00 per Bridging Girl Scout and $3.00 per adult and non Girl Scouts. This fee is payable to Girl Scouts of Colorado and DOES NOT include admission to the Royal Gorge Park.

IMPORTANT!!!! THERE IS A SEPERATE GATE ADMISSION FEE FOR THE ROYAL GORGE PARK.  This fee is $12 per adult and children, ages 4-11 and MUST BE PAID AT THE GATE the day of the event for attendees. Children, ages 3 and under are free. For more information about the Royal Gorge, please visit

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We need older girl troops and adults to help with this year's bridging. They will be our event ambassadors conducting our opening flag ceremony, event mc and singing songs prior to our bridging.

For more information on the event or to volunteer to help, please contact Beth Ryan at

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