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Outdoor Skills Day - /B/J/C - NC - 03/09/2013

Outdoor Skills Day - /B/J/C - NC - 03/09/2013
Have fun learning outdoor skills with other girls.
Event Type: GSCO Events
When: 3/09/2013
Time: 09:45AM - 3:45PM
Where: Mountain View Methodist Church
Registration: 1/25/2013 to 3/05/2013
Cost: $16.00 (girl) / $3.00 (adult)

Run by Senior Troop 7 from Boulder, this day camp includes a sample of outdoor skills to learn and improve including:  Knife Craft and Safety, Knot Tying, Compass Use, Camp Banners / Skits / Team Building, Fire Building, Campsite Set-up / Tent Pitching, and Introduction to Emergency First Aid and Preparation. 

Bring a veggie, chop it up with your new knife skills, contribute to stone soup, and enjoy it with a hot lunch.  Get ready for your next camp out and move forward in the progression of outdoor skills.

The event patch is not included in the program fee - the patch will be on sale for $2 at the event if troops want to purchase it.

For more information on program specific details, please contact

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