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PA Trainers

PA Pins

Girl Scouts of Colorado no longer sells PA pins at the shop. For a girl to receive her pin, she needs to register for her internship online here. Pins are mailed out once a month. It is a best practice to have each girl use the link above to sign up for her own pin.

Program Aide Trainers Wanted!


Do you enjoy working with Cadette level Girl Scouts while they learn leadership skills they can use throughout life? Contact your regional Program Aide staff if you want to become a Program Aide Trainer. Then log in to e-Learning to get started.

Program Aide Training Format


Program Aide Training can be taught in any way that works for you and your group. It is intended to be at least an 8-hour training, and can be:

  • Over a series of Troop meetings
  • On an evening and into the next day with a sleep out or sleep over.
  • Over a weekend
  • In a single day
Program Aide Training Documents
Program Aide Specialties


Traditionally, the PA specialty that has been taught is related to camps. PA's can serve as a PA anytime after they have earned their pin. PA specialties can span a variety of topics, and can include:

  • Power Up
  • Troop leadership and facilitation
  • Working with service unit events
  • Day Camps, Service Unit Camps, Troop & Family Camps and Resident Camps
  • Destinations

Trainers can use their creativity with the specialty portion of the PA Training.

Program Aide Training Cost


When creating your training, we recommend that you keep costs low to keep the training accessible to all girls. Once girls are trained, they can then help sponsor Girl-Led programming that can also be a money making activity. Costs should not exceed $10 to $25 per girl, depending on resources used (providing food and lodging increases the cost).

Please note, effective 2014, these trainings should not include the PA pin. Once the training is completed, the girls should be directed to purchase their pin online here. This then adds their names to our roster of current PAs and they will be mailed their pins and instructions by council.