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Women's Week at Meadow Mountain Ranch

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Mon Jul 17, 2:00 PM - Thu Jul 20, 11:00 AM
Meadow Mountain Ranch
Outdoor & Overnights

Cost $180.00 per person 

Registration deadline: 6/25/17 

Women’s Week is in its 4th year, and we hope this time will be even better than ever!  We really love to go to the mountains, have fun in the out-of-doors and be campers again! 

This program is open to all adult women at least 18 years of age:  GSCO staff, former MMR camp staff, leaders, volunteers, co-workers, adult daughters & granddaughters! (Spread the word; there’s plenty of room for everyone! Ladies need not have ever been to camp before or have a current Girl Scout connection!)  Bring your favorite program resources, come & play!  The peace and serenity of MMR's mountain wilderness await you.  

What's included in the cost?     Site fees & food.  Some financial aid might be available.

Cooking and food:  We will probably be cooking out most of the time in the units. We can make accommodations for most special dietary needs.

Where will we stay?   Meeker's Bluff, Larkspur & Lyra units have been reserved for our group.  “Tabins” have wooden floors & roofs and ½ canvas sides with wooden bunkbeds. We can make accommodations for mobility restrictions.

What program is provided? Only what we bring ourselves!  If you want to do crafts, bring enough to share.  If you want to take a hike, put up a notice of your plans.  If you can offer special programs, like ropes course or archery, bring your certifications with you. Anyone up for a short backpack trip to the back meadow or the “shelf?”If you want to lie in the grass in the meadow, fly a kite, sleep in late, paint a picture, sleep out under the stars, sing for hours - - - it's all there for your enjoyment!  

Can we come for only part of the time? Absolutely, just let us know how many days/meals and we'll price it out for you accordingly.  

No pets are allowed on the property, and there will be no horses available for riding.   


Send your check to P.O. Box 211, Estes Park, Co. 80517 along with your brief personal information, including e-mail, address, phone, etc.  If you don't mind, please make the check out to me; trust me it'll be fine. 

Questions, call Penny at 970-586-1775 or 970-577-2027.  New email address is

Download the flyer for this event.