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Adult/Child First Aid/CPR/AED with Anaphylaxis and EpiPen

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Sat Nov 18, 10:30 AM - 5:45 PM
Fountain Library
Volunteer Training, Girl Training
Adults, Cadettes, Seniors, Ambassadors
Pikes Peak

Cost: $45

Come and learn how to save lives with top-notch training in American Red Cross certified First Aid, CPR and AED training for adults, children and infants. This class is perfect for anyone who needs to re-certify in these skills or who is new to these skills. This is a perfect complement to the American Red Cross Babysitter's Certification.

This is an all-day class, so please bring a sweater, lunch, snacks, a water bottle, notebook and pen/pencil.

Certification is determined by participant's ability to perform each individual component: First Aid, Adult CPR/AED, and Child CPR (however inability to perform task does not change the cost of the course).  This course does NOT include infant CPR!

Any questions can be directed to Jen Libby at or 720-900-4397.