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Fall Sale


The 2015 Fall Sale has ended. Check back here for more information on the 2016 sale.

The Fall Sale Program is limited to family, next-door neighbors, and family friends. It does not involve door-to-door selling. It's a great way for troops to earn startup money for the year. The Fall Sale Program helps girls learn 5 key skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.

Questions? Email us.

2015 Fall Sale Important Dates
  • September 16-19: Training for Service Unit Fall Sale Managers and Troop Fall Sale Managers.
  • September 16- 26: Training for girls and families.
  • October 3: Fall Sale starts!
  • October 25: In-person Fall Sale orders close.
  • October 26: Orders and money due to Troop Fall Sale Managers. (Includes: Nuts and chocolate order, paper magazine orders, and money.)
  • October 27 by 8pm: Troop Fall Sale Managers enter all girl orders into M2 Media and select rewards for in-person orders.
  • October 28: All paper magazine orders due to Service Unit Fall Sale Managers.
  • October 29 by 8pm: Service Unit Fall Sale Managers need to approve all troop orders in M2 Media.
  • October 30: GSCO will initiate a "test debit" of $.01 from participating troop accounts.
  • October 30 by noon: GSCO will submit nut/chocolate orders by noon. No late orders can be accepted.
  • November 2: SU Fall Sale Managers deadline to submit paper magazine order forms. (Submit at your local designated destination.)
  • November 3-5: Product Sales staff verify receipt of paperwork from all service units.
  • November 6: Deadline to submit Money Problem Reports online. No paper copies will be accepted this season.
  • November 13: Online Fall Sale orders close.
  • November 15: Troop Fall Sale Manager submit final rewards in M2 Media.
  • November 18: Last day to submit Returned Check Reimbursement Requests online. No paper copies will be accepted this season
  • November 13-21: Nuts and chocolate orders are delivered to Service Unit Fall Sale Managers.
    Orders need to be picked up by troops immediately and distributed to the girls for customer delivery!
  • November 20: Automatic withdrawal out of troop accounts for amount owed to Council.
  • December 7-18: Service Unit Fall Sale Managers receive girl incentives. Incentives need to be picked up by troops as soon as possible. Report any discrepancies immediately!
Fall Sale Materials


Here are the main resources you'll need to have a successful fall sale: 

Troop Proceeds

All troops receive 13% of their magazine orders as troop proceeds, plus $1/item for nuts and chocolates. 




Girls can receive rewards for each different part of the sale. All rewards are cumulative.

  • 3 Magazine Orders: “Gr8 Things” patch
  • 6 Magazine Orders: "Super Seller Mags" patch
  • 15 Emails Sent: "Branch Out" patch
  • 15 Donation Items: "Care to Share" patch
  • 15 Nut Orders: “Stand Tall” patch
  • 30 Nut Orders: "Super Seller Nuts" patch
  • $100 in Sales: Removable, reusable chalkboard
  • $175 in Online Sales: A personalized patch
  • $200 in Sales: Gabby the Giraffe small plush
  • $300 in Sales: Large fold-up tote bag
  • $400 in Sales: T-shirt & Goal-Getter patch OR $10 in Cookie Credits & Goal-Getter patch
  • $500 in Sales: Fuzzy journal and tutti fruiti gel pens OR $15 in Cookie Credits
  • $800 in Sales: Ginger the Giraffe large plush OR $25 in Cookie Credits
  • $1000 in Sales: Rhinestone headphones OR $30 in Cookie Credits
  • $1200 in Sales: Tie-dye hoodie OR $40 in Cookie Credits


Girl Scouts of Colorado is partnering with Trophy Nut and M2 Media for the Fall Sale.

Watch Fall Sale Training