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Membership Connection Committee

We do things differently in Colorado, and we are lucky to have a unique governance system with the Membership Connection Committee as the centerpiece of our democratic process and a way to give the Girl Scouts of Colorado membership a strong voice in the issues they care most about.

Would you like to be a voice for Girl Scouts of Colorado? Speak up and contribute our success together!

To reach the MCC, e-mail

Apply to join the MCC

The MCC thrives as a representative body of Girl Scout girl and adult members from all across Colorado. Interested in learning more? Read a full description of member qualifications and commitments.

Current recruitment needs:

The MCC is seeking additional adult and Senior and Ambassador girl membership from Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Western Slope, Boulder, and Denver.

Applicants may complete this online application.

MCC Members:

Caroline Cornell, MCC Chair, Aurora *
Sarah Braucht, Eagle
Payton Buhler, Ft. Collins
Dena Darling-McBean, Avondale
Erica Fukuhara, Centennial+
Linda Fuller, Arvada
Victoria Gigoux, Grand Junction+
Charalotte Hardy, Berthoud
Terry Hendrickson, Idalia
Leina Hutchinson, Ft Collins
Lori Lueger, Highlands Ranch*
Jan Lucas, Englewood*
Cindy Miller, Denver*
Nancy Mucklow, Steamboat Springs+
Cora Ohlgren, Centennial*
Catherine Diamond Viator, Denver*
Mike Werner, Ft. Collins

In addition, the MCC has the following girl members:

Karmen, Grandby
Kayleigh, Aurora+
Laurelanne, Berthoud

*  GSCO Board Member
+  FY 2016-2017 MCC Representatives to the Board