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Board of Directors

CEO and President

As President and CEO of Girl Scouts of Colorado, Stephanie Foote brings a wealth of government and business skills and connections to the organization. She is responsible for oversight of $28 million in assets, including five camps, three lodges, one service center and five leased office and retail spaces throughout the state of Colorado.  In partnership with her executive leadership team, she manages an annual operating budget of more than $12 million and statewide staff of more than 100 full-time, part-time and seasonal employees who support 24,000 girls and 10,000 volunteers in 56 counties in Colorado.

Under her leadership, Girl Scouts of Colorado has made savvy financial decisions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization and place us on strong fiscal ground. Stephanie models business leadership for our girls, helping to establish an Endowment Fund at Rose Community Foundation to maximize the return on our investments and support the Girl Scout Leadership Experience statewide. In 2015, she established the Stephanie A. Foote Leadership Prize which is awarded annually to a Girl Scout who has completed her Gold Award in the current year and whose project is selected by an independent panel as an exceptional example of impact through leadership.

She served as Girl Scouts of Colorado’s Chair of the Board of Directors from 2007 to 2012.

Board of Directors

Girl Scouts of Colorado has a volunteer board of directors, composed of women and men who serve the membership. The combined expertise of these community members provides the leadership to set the direction of the council and establish the policies and bylaws that guide us.

Potential Board members are reviewed by our Board Governance Committee, also composed of current Board members and community volunteers. Apply now for Board candidacy or nominate someone.    

Board Governance Committee members are:

  • Susan Alvillar^
  • Susan Baker^
  • Kelsey Bell^
  • Charmaine Brown^
  • Laurie Jones^
  • Cindy Miller*
  • Maggie Murray*
  • Jodi Scott*, Chair
  • Ranee Shenoi, MD^
  • Shannon Sisler*

*Board Member
^Non-Board Member

Board Officers 2015-2016

Michelle M. Rose-Hughes, Chairperson (Denver)
Sept. 2016-Sept. 2017
Tuthill & Hughes, LLP 
I support Girl Scouts because girl-centric leadership programs are critical to the development of young women as leaders.

Rae Ann Dougherty, Chairperson Elect (Golden)
July 2014-Sept. 2017
Green Cleaning Products, LLC
My favorite Girl Scout memory is the opportunity to “Look Wide, Look Wider Still” with my special Girl Scout sister Eloise Golden, while exploring traditions and gaining new experiences through Girl Scout travels domestically and internationally.

Caroline Cornell, Chairperson of Membership (Aurora)
Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019
Corps Team Denver

Shauna Shafer, CPA, Treasurer; Finance Committee Chair (Parker)
Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019
Eide Bailly LLP
I believe in leadership, especially for women and girls.  That’s why I support Girl Scouts.

Renita Wolf, Secretary (Colorado Springs)
Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019
Wells Fargo Funds Management LLC
My favorite Girl Scout memory is being a Junior Girl Scout in Kentucky and greeting LadyBird Johnson at the airport.

Kathy Ambrose, Philanthropy Committee Chairperson (Parker)
Sept.2015-Sept. 2018
Community Volunteer
My favorite Girl Scout memory is helping a special needs girl in my troop earn her Gold Award. Everyone told us not to try, but with hard work, she not only attained her Gold Award, but she spoke in front of audiences about her journey.

Jodi Scott, Board Governance Committee Chairperson (Denver)
Sept. 2016-Sept.2019
Hogan Lovells US LLP
I support Girl Scouts because the skills girls learn in Girl Scouts create a pipeline of leaders of tomorrow.

Board of Directors 2016-2017

Timothy M. Butler, Director, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 (Denver)
The Capuano Butler Group, Robert W. Baird & Co.

Connie Campbell, Director, Sept. 2016-Sept.2019 (Castle Rock)
Community Volunteer
I support Girl Scouts because it feels like family!

Jennifer Casani, Director, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 (Centennial)
Gould + Partners
My favorite Girl Scout memory is Camp Paumalu on O’ahu, Hawai’i and living in a culturally-diverse location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Alison J. Clark-Hardesty, MBA, Director, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 (Brighton)
UMB Bank Colorado NA
I support Girl Scouts of Colorado because I believe in the core values of courage, confidence and character and the impact this has on girls becoming leaders.

Jennifer Colosimo, Director, Sept. 2015-Sept. 2018 (Golden)
Franklin Covey
My favorite Girl Scout memory is accompanying my troop to Our Chalet – climbing the Alps, river running, Swiss crafts and chocolate!

Stephanie Finley Fortune, Director, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 (Colorado Springs)
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
I support Girl Scouts because it empowers girls to gain clarity about their own stories so that they can go out and contribute to a greater good.

Lori Leugers, Director, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 (Highlands Ranch)
Arrow Electronics
My favorite Girl Scout memory is making a “sit upon” in second grade with my elementary school troop.  It was so exciting to create a functional object with just my hands and materials from around the house.  It made me realize that anyone can do anything with motivation, the right tools, and ability.

Jan Lucas Sept. 2014-Sept. 2017 (Englewood)
Sage Hospitality
I believe in the difference Girl Scouts makes in girls’ lives and the future leaders we are developing.

Cindy Miller, Director, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 (Denver)
My favorite Girl Scout memory is summer day camp and learning to work with other girls to solve a “challenge”.  I have since learned that getting a group of smart women together, we can do amazing things!

Maggie Murray Sept. 2014-Sept. 2017 (Dillon)
Keystone Science School
My favorite Girl Scout memory is hiking in the rain and returning to eat a turkey we had roasted at our campsite.

Cora Ohlgren Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 (Centennial)
Wells Fargo at Work
I believe in the mission and purpose of Girl Scouts for our up-and-coming girl leaders.

Tinesha Ross, Director, Sept. 2015 - Sept. 2018 (Parker)
United Launch Alliance
My favorite Girl Scout memory is going camping for the first time.

Shannon Sisler, Director, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 (Highlands Ranch)
Antero Resources Corporation
I support Girl Scouts because I want to support my daughter and other girls to be all that they can be.

Catherine Diamond Viator, Director, Sept. 2016-Sept. 2019 (Denver)
LGS Innovations
I support Girl Scouts because giving girls the tools and confidence to be successful and independent is of utmost importance.


Membership Connection Committee Representatives to the Board 2016-2017

Kayleigh C. (girl member)
Erica Fukuhara (Colorado Springs)
Victoria Gigoux (Grand Junction)
Nancy Davis Mucklow (Steamboat Springs)    

Board Meeting Minutes

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