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Disbandment Checklist

Disbandment Checklist

When a troop decides not to continue, there are a few steps to take to "disband" the group. Before making a final decision, talk to your Volunteer Support Specialist about helping you work with the girls and volunteers in the group to keep their Girl Scout experience alive.


  • Direct families to the Interest Form if they want to join another troop, or to the Juliettes page if they want to continue individually.
  • Help the girls decide how to spend the remaining troop funds.
  • If funds remain after the last group activity, review the financial procedures for disbanding groups and ask your Volunteer Support Specialist to assist you with this process if needed.
  • Close the group bank account and submit a final Annual Troop Report, reflecting a $0 balance, within 30 days of your last activity.
After completing the checklist, submit a Troop Update as your official disbandment notification.