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Help shape a girl's future!

Girl Scout Cookies are way more than the tasty treats! Each purchase supports girls in developing five lifelong skills: goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and business ethics. It's the nation's largest girl-led business and generates immeasurable benefits for the girls, their councils and their communities nationwide.

Girl Scout alumnae are shining examples of the lifelong impact of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Today, more than two-thirds of women business owners and CEOs, and United States senators and congresswomen, were Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts boasts a 59 million alumnae base, and many of these women tell us they learned their early business leadership skills through selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Cookies are available Feb 8 - March 27, 2015

Cookies are $4/package (except Toffee-Tastic are $5.50)


Chewy and rich!

Tender vanilla cookies, covered with caramel, rolled in toasted coconut, and striped with a rich, chocolaty coating.

Approx. Count Per Pkg: 15. 7.5 oz. Nutrition facts

Thin Mints

Extra thin, extra minty!

A thin wafer covered with a smooth chocolaty coating. Made with natural peppermint.

Approx. Count Per Pkg: 28. 9 oz. Nutrition facts


Wildly popular!

Tasty cookies topped with creamy peanut butter and covered with a luscious chocolaty coating.

Approx. Count Per Pkg: 15. 6.5 oz. Nutrition facts


Peanutty goodness

Crisp and crunchy oatmeal cookies with creamy peanut butter filling. No artificial color or flavor.

Approx. Count Per Pkg: 20. 8 oz. Nutrition facts


Light and delicious!

Delicate-tasting shortbread that is delightfully simple and satisfying.

Approx. Count Per Pkg: 36. 9 oz. Nutrition facts

Rah-Rah Raisins
Meet the newest cookie!

Hearty oatmeal cookies with plump raisins and Greek-yogurt flavored chunks.

Approx. Count Per Pkg: 14. 6 oz. Nutrition facts


Gluten-free pilot cookie!

Gluten-free, rich buttery cookies packed with golden toffee bits.

Approx. Count Per Pkg: 14. 6.7 oz.
Nutrition facts

Support Girl Scout Heroes

Girl Scouts may adopt Hometown Heroes each year during the Cookie Program, such as non-profit organizations, food banks, military and uniformed personnel, and donate cookies to these community heroes. 

Digital Cookies are here