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Everyone loves Girl Scout Cookies!
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Get involved in Cookie Time!


The 2014 GSCO Cookie Program is over. Please check back in 2015!


Support Girl Scout Heroes

Girl Scouts may adopt Hometown Heroes each year during the Cookie Program, such as non-profit organizations, food banks, military and uniformed personnel, and donate cookies to these community heroes. In 2013, this statewide program netted 124,897 packages for hundreds of organizations.


Help shape a girl's future!

Girl Scout Cookies are way more than the tasty treats! Each purchase supports girls in developing five lifelong skills: goal-setting, decision-making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

Girl Scouts began selling Girl Scout Cookies in 1917, and today the program has grown into a $790 million girl-led business. In 2013, Girl Scouts Colorado in earned over $2.5 million for their activities, including going to camp, traveling domestically or internationally, completing a take action project to benefit the community, taking a Girl Scout leadership journey and/or earning a Girl Scout badge on a topic or two of interest.

Girl Scout alumnae are shining examples of the lifelong impact of the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Today, more than two-thirds of women business owners and CEOs, and United States senators and congresswomen, were Girl Scouts. Girl Scouts boasts a 59 million alumnae base, and many of these women tell us they learned their early business leadership skills through selling Girl Scout Cookies.