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Cool Science at the US Air Force Academy

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Sat Feb 25, 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM
US Air Force Academy
Girl Scout Events
Daisies, Brownies
Pikes Peak

This event is for Daisy and Brownie level girls and the cost is $10.00.
(1) Air Cannon (30 minutes): This is a fun engineering activity that promotes skill and execution. The girls will build an air cannon to launch pom-poms at targets. They will then test their designs to see how far away and how accurately they can hit the target.
(2) Paper Towers (30 minutes): This is a great engineering activity that promotes creativity, teamwork, and skill. The girls must build a tower out of paper that can support a large chemistry book without collapsing!
(3) Fun with Acids and Bases (30 minutes): Acids and bases are very important chemicals. The girls will get to mix lots of chemicals together and visually see whether a substance is an acid or a base. They will get to experience what it’s like to be a chemist!
(4) Fun with Dry Ice (30 minutes): Dry ice, or frozen carbon dioxide, is a very unusual substance in that it does not go through a liquid phase under normal conditions, simply going from a solid to gas as it warms up. The girls will do many chemistry experiments to show that the gas is actually there, even though they can’t see it.
(5) Chemical Magic Show (50 minutes): The workshop closes with a chemical magic show put on by members of the Department of Chemistry, with assistance from the girls . . . this is really fun!
Snacks will be provided!
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