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Cool Science at the US Air Force Academy

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Sat Mar 18, 12:30 PM - 4:00 PM
US Air Force Academy
Girl Scout Events
Pikes Peak

This event is for Junior level girls.
The cost is $10.00. The deadline is March 4th, 2017.
(1) Electrical circuits and batteries (60 minutes): The girls will get to design and build an electrical circuit to perform a task, such as lighting a bulb or setting off an alarm. They will also look at the chemistry behind batteries.

(2) Chemical Reaction Mania! (40 minutes): This activity is chemistry at its finest: chemical reactions that change temperature, produce gases, use catalysts, and others! Fun, fun, fun are the three words that best describe this activity!

(3) How to Land Softly on a Hard Planet (40 minutes): Much like NASA engineers with the Mars rover, the girls will have to design a container that allows an egg to survive successively higher drops using the materials provided.

(3) Chemical Changes: What is this Powder? (40 minutes): Chemists often use chemical reactions/changes to identify substances. In this experiment, the girls will conduct chemical reactions on different white powders and use their results to identify an unknown. This is a great chemistry experiment!

(4) Chemical Magic Show (50 minutes): The workshop closes with a chemical magic show put on by members of the Department of Chemistry, with assistance from the girls . . . this is really fun!

Snacks will be provided!
For more information on program specific details please contact