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Annual Troop/Group Report

Annual Troop/Group Report

We hope you had a wonderful year of Girl Scouting!  Thank you for taking the time to tell us a little about it.

Who needs to submit an Annual Troop/Group Report?  ​Every Girl Scout group with a bank account (troops, service units, day camps, special event committees, etc.) is required to submit this report each year. If your group does not have a bank account, please submit a report to let us know how many volunteer hours were contributed and evaluate council support.

When is the Annual Troop/Group Report due?  This report is due within 30 days of your last activity of the year, or by August 1st, whichever occurs first. Troops: This report is required in order to participate in the next Fall Sale and Cookie Program. Disbanding groups: A final report reflecting a $0 balance is required within 30 days of your last activity.

How can you prepare to submit the report? We have put together a simple one-page list of the information you'll need to complete the form below. If you have this information available, you should be able to complete the report in about 10 minutes!

This form is encrypted using SSL technology. If you're looking for the "https" and lock symbol, use this link instead.