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Web advertising banners

Web advertising banners

"I reach Girl Scout troop leaders because I placed an ad on the Girl Scouts website. It's great that they can find me. I'm very pleased - my phone has been ringing to schedule classes!" – Jean, Babysitter’s Training JEANius

Girl Scouts of Colorado is now offering advertising on the homepage, or you can target users in the For Girls, For Volunteers and For Parents pages — there are many options to fit your business needs.


300 px x 250 px square

home page
3 months: $1,200

For Girls, For Parents landing page
3 months: $600

For Volunteers landing page
3 months: $800

Leaderboard 728 px x 90 px

Activity Finder
3 months: $900

3 months: $600

Other internal pages (not landing pages)
3 months: $400

Discounts: 25 percent discounts for nonprofit vendors. Ask about 6- and 12-month web run discounts