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Activity Posting Request

Activity Posting Request

All events and activities approved for posting will be accessed through either the Activity Finder, the Anytime Activities page, or the Community Service Activities page. The activity pages serves only as a notification tool, and the posting of non-GSCO sponsored events does not imply a guarantee or an endorsement of the product, service, or company hosting the event. Only requests that meet the guidelines below will be approved.

1. Requesting group and event must be aligned with the mission, vision, and values of GSCO.
2. Events should be appropriate for GSCO members.
3. Events and activities should be listed no more than one year in advance.
4. All requests to post an event or activity on the GSCO website must be submitted on the online GSCO Activity Posting Request Form (below).
5. Requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the date of the event or activity.
6. Instructions for registration and/or who to contact with questions should be included in the posting.
7. After review of the request, GSCO will notify the requester by email if the event will be posted. Please allow 5 business days for review and processing.

Posted events shall not include:

  • Events or activities that solely promote commercial products or services.
  • Events or activities that promote religious or political ideologies.
  • Events that raise funds for other organizations.

GSCO reserves the right to refuse posting of a particular event or activity.

If your event or activity does not tie directly to a Girl Scout program, after submitting this form you will be provided a code to pay a small advertising fee. $30 for nonprofit groups and $75 for corporations. Community service opportunities that meet our guidelines will be posted for free.

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