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Form 990 and Audit

Form 990 and Audit


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A celebration of transformations

Dear Girl Scout donor,
There is more to Girl Scouting than meets the eye.

Some may see girls in their uniforms selling cookies. Others focus on the experiences girls have shared in the great outdoors and the friendships they’ve made. Or some might see a troop of girls planning a Take Action project to make the world a better place.
But I see transformations.

Transformations in girls as they grow to become leaders. Transformations in volunteers as they experience that “ah-ha moment” -- “this is what it’s all about.” I see transformations in communities when girls take the lead, rally others and advocate for their cause. I watch transformations in girls’ personalities as they find a place where they belong, where they feel confident and supported. I see the strength they pull from being a part of something much bigger than themselves.

I see transformations in society -- a changing world where a girl is just as likely to pursue a career in science, technology, engineering or math as any boy. I see a future with transformations in the board rooms across the nation where it’s just as possible to see a woman running a large corporation as it is a man. I see more women holding seats in the highest levels of government, and they are Girl Scout alumnae. Do you see what I see?

These transformations are possible because of your investment in girls, your support of Girl Scouting and your confidence in Girl Scouts of Colorado. And what kind of leaders would the GSCO leadership be if we didn’t model the way for our girls by transforming our statewide council to be more efficient and effective, valuing people over property and creating a bright financial future for our organization?

I thank you for standing in our corner during a time of change and supporting us as we make the right choices for the girls of Colorado.



Stephanie A. Foote
President and CEO