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The latest Board of Directors' meetings minutes are available here.

Minutes Sept. 20, 2013

Minutes Nov. 22, 2013

Minutes Feb. 7, 2014

Minutes May 16, 2014


Girl Scouts of Colorado governance

Governance of Girl Scouts of Colorado is divided among the Board Governance Committee, the Board of Directors and the Membership Connection Committee. The BGC recruits and evaluates candidates for  the Board, the BGC, the MCC and other Board-related committees. The BGC is also responsible for Board orientation, training and evaluation. Candidates presented by the BGC are elected to the Board and other committees annually by the Board. The Board is made up of people from all areas of the state with expertise in a variety of professional fields. The Board is responsible for hiring the President and CEO, who is responsible for all council operations. 

Another important component of GSCO’s governance system is the Membership Connection Committee, made up of volunteer members from all areas of the state. The MCC is the conduit for information and suggestions between the membership, the Board and council staff and provides input, direction and influence over policy issues and strategic direction in addition to celebrating council achievements and participating in program events. The MCC also provides input to the BGC throughout the Board and committee nominating process.